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Pepito supermarket

Pepito’s signature motto “Freshness, Quality and Customer Satisfaction” truly reflects on our assurance in providing the best quality and services to our valued customer that is the foundation of the Company.

August 2001

Pepito was inaugurated in August 2001 and started operating as a modern supermarket and became the pioneer of premium supermarkets in Bali. Pepito is here to complete your daily needs.

October 2007

Pepito makes outlets close to housing and has a new innovation, namely Pepito Express. Present to expand its wings with a new concept of “express” which makes it easier for consumers to shop for their daily needs.

December 2011

The development of tourism on the island of Bali based on the level of visits of domestic and foreign tourists is increasing. Pepito is here to provide fresh products and complemented by imported products for customer satisfaction.

January 2017

As time goes by Pepito develops its business to meet consumer demands. Not only in retail but also in Food & Beverage. One of the most popular to date is the Baker’s Corner and many other business units.

2001 - Now

Pepito Supermarket is developing its retail business not only on the island of Bali but has developed in other Indonesian provinces. By continuing to innovate and keep up with the times, and always improve the quality of products and services for all loyal customers of Pepito Supermarket.

Our Product

Pepito supermarket

Pepito Experience

Explore the Exciting World of Shopping

Experience shopping excellence like never before at Pepito Supermarket! Visit us today to explore our unparalleled selection of fresh produce, gourmet groceries, exquisite food and beverages, and premium spirits. Elevate your shopping adventures and toast to unforgettable moments with us. Your journey to shopping delight starts here. See you at Pepito Supermarket!

About Us

Convenient Shopping

PT. Sentral Retailindo Dewata is a modern retail company originally from Bali with a compact supermarket format and has been operating since 2001 under the PEPITO brand that targets the upper middle segment. Currently, the outlets have spread throughout Bali and Lombok with various brands, namely PEPITO, POPULAR, FRESH MARKET, and GOURMET MARKET. As for the food and beverage business, namely BAKERS CORNER and PEPI TO-GO, a Quick Service Restaurant that is available inside PEPITO stores. With a vision to become a premium supermarket that can compete globally and a mission to ensure that the products and services provided to customers are always FRESH and QUALITY, to achieve sustainable CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, PEPITO always does the best for its loyal customers. In order to enhance quality of products and services offered to customers, Pepito Supermarket is planning to obtain the “ISO 9001:2015” standard certification which is a quality management system that requires a systematic work approach, good governance and hygiene management. Thus, with this certification, Pepito Supermarket will continue to deliver a consistent level of high quality services which are innovative, inspiring and customer driven.


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