The fresh products that we sell in all stores are supplied from selected suppliers according to the SOPs that are applied. And for storage it must be done properly so that its freshness is maintained. Pepito provides fresh vegetables to meet your needs. With high quality standards to the supplier selection process that must meet Pepito's quality standards.


Fresh fruit that we offer to customers, very diverse. Not only does it taste sweet, crunchy is certainly fresh and of course contains vitamins and nutrients needed by our body. to be able to meet customer demand, we bring in fresh local fruit from the region of origin and so does imported fruit.

Dairy & Frozen

Pepito’s Dairy Food selections consist of milk, yogurt, dessert, butter/cream/margarine, chicken/duck egg, cheese, dip, fresh juice, while for Frozen food consist of ready to cook and ready to eat food, fresh/frozen fruit, vegetables, frozen processed chicken/seafood.

Meat, Poultry and Seafood

Our meat, poultry and seafood offerings take the center stage at The Market. Meat and poultry offerings include beef, lamb, pork, quail and pheasant. Seafood includes fluke, scallops and salmon steaks.

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